The Hayward Center for Education and Careers (Adult School)

Family Literacy


The Family Literacy of the Hayward Center is an important part of our school community. This program provides instruction in English as a Second Language and trains students in tutoring skills.  We offer free literacy classes at the following locations: 
Cherryland Elementary Harder Elementary Longwood Elementary
East Ave Elementary La Familia Community Center Ochoa Middle 
Eden Gardens Elementary Treeview Elementary Tyrrell Elementary
Southgate Elementary Park Elementary Hayward High
Mt. Eden High Winton Middle  

Most classes are scheduled in the morning on either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday.

We offer limited  babysitting for the duration of the classes.


We teach our students:

  • English language skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening
  • A wide range of tutoring skills: how to access and navigate school and community resources
  • Effective techniques for communication with school personnel: making a telephone call to school, writing a note to excuse absence, reading and discussing report cards
Our goals are:  to improve the English language skills of our parents, to encourage parent involvement in their child's education, and to increase parent participation in school activities and volunteering.