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Success Stories

Success Stories

Hero Award 2019

Most nights at the adult school has a buzz of students, staff and community members in and out of hallways and classrooms, looking to walk away with a little more goodness than they arrived with. With this campus having so much going on in the evening, we require someone who can continually keeps everyone safe. Thankfully we have such an outstanding indvidual that cares about the safety of our campus. We recognize Mario Villalta as the Adult School's 2019 Hero. Mario has been working for Hayward Unified for more than 18 years, effortlessly showing that he has a spot on understanding of what safety measures are needed for our campus at night. Mario uses keen judgment when it comes to safety and preparedness. He Keeps current on happenings around the state and beyond that may impact our community. He is always willing to go above and beyond to make individuals feel safe as they come and go. Mario continues to be a great asset to us in the evening at the adult school and we thank him with this moment of recognition.



Student Success Story - Vocational ESL, Fast Track Employment

Maya Fujita.JPGMayu Fujita,  a student in ESL and  Vocational ESL, Fast Track to Employment (2013-2014)

 My name is Mayu Fujita. I came from Japan to the United States in September 2013. The reason why I came here is marriage. This is my first time to live in a foreign country.  Since I came in this country, I have joined the ESL class in Hayward. (At the Hayward Adult School)  I got to know about VESL (Vocational English as Second Language) after couple months. This class is the course to support the people who want to get a job.


My future dream is to be a florist. I've learned how to arrange the flower (especially Ikebana-Japanese traditional flower arrangement) in my country for 5 years. However when I thought about working in this industry in America, I had no knowledge and any information. In the VESL Fast Track to Employment class, we can learn about our job by getting some information from teacher showing all the data on the Internet and also her own prospection and advise. You will see how much the job is needed in the United States nowadays and how much money they get you paid, and also listen to the real voices of the people actually working in the industry on the Internet. 6a00d834515c6d69e200e54f3562f18833-640wi.jpg

                    To look for a florist job, I also went to every store and asked if they were hiring. However, I couldn't find the right one for me. If I go to big city I could find a job, but this was not practical because I was still new and even didn't have driving license. 


At the same time, I decided to find something different kind of job to make our living. At the time, I found the Japanese restaurant's job offer on the Internet.  By the time I took the interview, Julie taught me how to make resume and get an interview with proper behavior and words. She gave me an encouragement and lot of push. For the interview, I made a list of the question that might be asked and get my answer for each question. We practiced the conversation in class as well. 


The day of the interview came, I applied for kitchen staff. (The reason why was I wouldn’t have to talk to customers. I was afraid of talking to people in English....) The interview went well. However they asked me to work as server not a kitchen because they were actually looking for server as well. It took some courage for me to accept the offer, but I said yes after all.  After I started to work, i met a lot of friendly and nice co-workers. They taught me how to take an order and deal with customers, answer the phone, how to use the register and so on. Even it took time for me to learn those thing, they had patience and were willing to teach me new things. 


During those days I met a nice Japanese florist in this area who does her own business though my Japanese friend. I asked the florist to accept me to be a trainee. She accepted me and whenever she took an order of wedding, banqueting or even funeral, I went to her place to help and learn something new. I file those notes and pictures every single time. My teacher always says the more you get an experience the more you will get a better skill.  I'm still on the way thinking about my future as a florist and learning skills. But I will always keep learning and continue to ask for myself if me and my family are happy with what I'm doing.


Thanks to all the people who support me, I was able to take these small beginning steps in the big process. Especially Julie's class meant so much to me. Her class was very practical and she pushed me with a big encouragement. In the future, I will be great florist and want to make people impressed by seeing my work and make their special day very happy!! 


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